Miscellaneous Pictures

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Christmas in Sweden 2000

Mia in a very comfortable XXX chair in Copenhagen.

Me in a very comfortable $3500 plastic chair (designed in 1961) in Copenhagen.

Sunrise over Iceland

Quaint windmill in the middle of nowhere.

Never thought I'd slip on sand

Qui Gong on the beach.

Is she chasing her or saving her...

Bridge over troubled waters.

Meeting the local fishermen. It takes awhile for them to warm up to me...

From coast to coast.
Mia talking with Sven, who is walking on the beach on the other side of Skåne.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

A regular house in Skåne (not!)

Fritiof Nilsson Piraten, a well known author (He used to live in the yellow and green house in the background.)

This is the Lindström' House, now turned into a shopping mall and suitably decorated for the season.

My favorite aunt Lena

Marcus, Lena's youngest son.

Matts, my youngest uncle (just turned 40!)

Anita, Matts' wife.

Kim, Matts' and Anita's oldest daughter.

Leif, one of many uncles... (my second oldest uncle)
He really likes the little hamster...

Lena, Mia, and Bosse.

My cousin Stoffe (or Christoffer as he was christened...), Marcus' older brother

My uncle Bosse and his wife Laila.

Oredsjön, where I spent a lot of summers when growing up in Olofström. Looks exactly like it did 15, 20 years ago...

The house I grew up in on Enbärsvägen 4 in Olofström.

I had some great times being a boyscout. The troup has it's own website at: Olofströms Scoutkår.

Janey, me and Donna at Saltgrass Steak House for our traditional Christmas dinner.

This is from the Coca Cola 300 NASCAR race at the Texas Motorplex in Fort Worth in '97.
When she walked past, a guy in the audience shouted "Thank God for Texas" and everybody laughed...

This picture was taken in Moody Gardens, Galveston.

A statue of Sam Houston, the first (and only) president of the Republic of Texas.
This statue is "the world's largest statue of an American hero." You can find it on I-45 north of Houston.

These are two "lovebirds" in Moody Gardens, Galveston.

These are three prime examples of the famous Hurricane drink at Paddy O'Briens in New Orleans' French Quarter.

This is from the revolving bar at the top of the World Trade Center in New Orleans.
The reflection in the window is from the painted glass windows in the bar.

DC has this sign outside its subway stops.
Other cities have Park n' Ride signs...

My sister Mia leaning into the wind. This is where they're building the new bridge between Sweden and Denmark

This picture is, if I'm not mistaken, taken through the sunroof of my car!

This is the Bull &Finch Pub in Boston, better known as 'Cheers'.

Mia on the beach at Haväng
Mia trying to smile to the camera, 
but it's too cold.
Mia on the beach at Haväng
Looks a little slippery...
It sure looks cold.
Three very cold birds at Haväng.
This is a cow (Info for city slickers...)
If you can tell exactly where this picture is taken, I'll give you $10!! (Family excluded...)
This is the same cow
This is his best side - I think. He stood like that the whole time I was there so I never saw his other side. 
(This picture is for you Donna!)

Hot Springs, Arkansas
Johan before his first dive in Lake Ouachita, Arkansas.
Here's Pernilla figuring out how much weight to use at her first dive in Lake Ouachita, Arkansas.
Tara checking out the temperature of the water.

Here's the boat that took us to the dive sites.
From left: Pernilla, Johan, Tara, me, Martine
Here's us at the top of the little mountain in Hot Springs. It was hot, muggy and we barely made it to the top.
This picture doesn't look at all set up, does it? I just found her laying like this on the walkway...
Here's another one I just found laying around on the walkway.

Birthday party for Janey at Kathie's house 6/12/99

Gale wondering if anyone will see her emptying that Miller Lite

Saundra surrounded by Mikes

Davita has no idea that Darryn is making faces behind her...

Melissa "the alien" posing for the camera.

Rose and Jane showing off their legs;-)

Tony says: Guess what I'm wearing?? It's time for an executive meeting;-)

Kathie and Sharyn posing - but the question is: Who is Kathie looking at???

Laura, Donna and Linda posing for the photographer


New Years Eve 1999

New Years Eve 1999/2000
As I came without a date, I had the honor
of escorting the hostess to the table.

New Years Eve 1999/2000
Sven and Mia.

New Years Eve 1999/2000
My dear sister and her group members
singing their newly composed song